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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

New Year 2017 SMS,Wallpapers,Pictures,Quotes [English/Hindi] For Whatsapp/Facebook

New Year 2017 SMS,Wallpapers,Pictures,Quotes [English/Hindi] For Whatsapp/FacebookNew Year 2017 SMS,Wallpapers, Pictures, Quotes [English/Hindi] For Whatsapp/Facebook


Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year  2017:- The year 2016 is ending soon and it has left only one month from this year and most of the people only remember all the things at the end of the year. Then they think about 1 year would be wasted in their life and not do the good things. When we taken the survey and asked about the people opinion about the last year good and bad things and the answered would be different from different peoples around the world. Some of the peoples it would be good and some of the them it would be bad. But always people welcome the new-year with more expectations and celebration to pray god to give this year good for their life.


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New Year celebrations start with different ways like parties, get together or help some other people on that day. Anyway we will welcome the new year with good energy.

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When New Year start then the calendar begins with 1 day and it would be increment by 1 at day by day. In around the world the New Year celebrates with different events. The New Year start from Gregorian calendar around the world and it appear from Roman and Julian calendar as well. January 1st is treating as international holiday all around the world.


Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper

Happy New Year Wallpapers Greetings 2017

In earlier days, the Julian calendar was used mostly all round the world and the New Year’s Day is celebrates from March 1st. After some years back it was moved to January 1st according to the Gregorian calendar.


Happy New Year 2017 In INDIA


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In all over the world, the traditions and celebrations in Canada is more popular for New Year Celebration particularly in Toronto and Niagara Waterfalls. The party begins in late night with sports events as well. In some other places the people eat fish and take Alcoholic beverages with their friends and relatives.


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People celebrate New Year Day party at midnight and they wish on this day to the world people. People decorate their homes and make some colors with the party to wishes a day good year. The color red represent good sings and improvements in their lifestyle, the color yellow denotes blessings to get good employment and the color green indicate the financial strength and get good health as well. In the main day people eat sweet bread and charm for getting good luck for the coming year.


In United State of America the new year celebration start with get together party and social activities done in public places. The main activity is Ball drop in the city of New York time square, this mainly inspire the people to give good sign. A Crystal ball locates in the roof of the tower and put in the high of 70 feet to start the New Year. 

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In midnight the clocks crossed the 12 pm then New Year day started. These celebrations focused on Big and broadcasted in London direct live from the BBC Channel in the year of 1984 and the previous year celebrations were broadcasted in Scotland as well.


Happy New Year 2017 Quotes [ENGLISH/HINDI]

In India the celebrations takes place in the metros cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc., The day start with fireworks and street racking on places, Goa is the most celebration part in India for new year celebrations. Most admired place is Goa and lot of tourist peoples and live concepts on Hollywood starts. According to this day the tradition of puja are held in the place to get good year.

And the Medial Channels host several good films and special shows on this events.
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The Celebrations in China on the Lunar New Year and celebrate throughout the few weeks. Most of the celebrate take place in Blue Harbor Shopping area on special events and monument place of Great wall of China. 

Happy New Year 2017 In Hong Kong

In Hong Kong people celebrate Tsim Sha with candle lights at night party at harbor area. The count down of 60 mins shown in the lights of big LED screen and show the different colors and lights in the screens.

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In Indonesia the New Year Celebration are take place in urban area to celebrate more on Hotels and Restaurants. Special dishes and meals are taken place to celebrate people with their own friends and relatives. The fireworks are the most important shows in every New Year celebration.

Happy New Year 2017 Indonesia

Last Word : Wishing the Happy New Year Wishes, Quotes Happy Chinese New Year Wishes Quotes Happy New Year Wishes Messages Happy New Year Wishes 2017 Happy New Year Wishes Poem Happy New Year Greetings Wishing you a Happy New Year Quotes are wishes coming true for their lifes.




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